The Tale of an Extraordinary Shape

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Pixel Planet

A Twist on a Classic Game Genre

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Our Values

What we stand for as a company

High Quality Games

We aim to design and develop our video games to a high standard. We never rush them and we put all of our time and effort into every game we produce.

Supporting Minorities

As a company, we support minorities such as the LGBTQ community via giving to charity and making people aware of the issues they face. We aim for our community to be a safe space.


We are completely honest with our community, if something goes wrong, our community are always the first to be told.

Constant Improvement

We're students which means we are still learning, we hope that every game we produce is better than the last!

Teamwork and Fun

With three close friends working together, of course we'd have fun! We also work in a team together very well.


We take pride in being inspired by the games that we have played. We love to innovate based off of what we have played and see how we can put our own twist on it.


Charities we support via charity livestreams